The modern way to get a new boiler

Hire purchase arrangements are commonplace for cars: you pay a set amount each month for your car and at the end of the hire period, the car is yours to keep. The same principle now applies to boilers.

One monthly fee to cover it all

A single monthly fee can cover the cost of buying and fitting a new boiler, along with any upgrades to your existing system (such as a new thermostat). Even better, it also includes annual servicing and breakdown cover, so if your boiler breaks down or gives up at any time during your hire purchase period, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge!


No need for costly boiler cover plans

New boilers have a manufacturer’s warranty, however many people opt to purchase service plans such as British Gas Home Care. For £12 per month customers get an annual service plus free callouts and repairs. However, a typical boiler on finance costs just £20 per month and also includes all the same benefits! This means that you’d only be paying £8 of the total towards your new boiler and central heating system each month.

“Any monthly care plan would no longer be needed, which means you’d only be paying £8 a month for your new boiler.”

Only the best boilers installed

Boiler installers offering finance packages don’t want to spend more than they have to by fitting an inferior product only to return and replace it a couple of years later. A company that is prepared to supply boilers on finance is bound to be confident in the performance and reliability of their products.

Yours to keep

Naturally, after the finance period, the boiler system would be yours to keep. Buying a boiler and paying upfront may be cheaper in terms of the equipment supplied, but wouldn’t include the cost of servicing and repairs.

boiler on credit will cost you a set amount each month (increasing by a small percentage each year, which you would know about at the start of your agreement) throughout the lifetime of the credit agreement, including all servicing and repairs.

Optional deposit

If you have managed to put a little aside, you may even be able to agree to paying a deposit and a reduced monthly fee, giving you the guaranteed free servicing and repairs/replacement (and a high quality product) for much less each month.

Shop around and get the best deal

If buying a boiler on finance sounds like it might work well for you, shop around and do the maths. Calculate the upfront cost of getting a new boiler system, the cost of annual servicing and the cost of callouts and repairs (using a monthly protection plan like the British Gas Home Care programme, for instance).

Then get a quote for a new boiler on credit. Calculate the overall costs involved and you might be pleasantly surprised at how economical it can be to buy a boiler on finance compared to paying upfront.



By installing a new, efficient, modern boiler:

  • You can dramatically reduce energy bills.
  • Only have to pay a small monthly fee (covering the boiler + its cover)
  • You can increase your property value.
  • You can reduce your CO2 emissions.